At Creative Electric we have hundreds of services that we offer for your electrical contractors Salem OR needs. We can do anything from commercial buildings and residential homes or buildings. Our employees are licensed and have years of training and experience. We have a great team who communicates with one another every step of the way and we also communicate with our clients and make sure we are doing everything we have been asking and needed to do. We help with commercial electrical repair and more, we make sure the job we do leaves our clients happy. We understand that keeping a commercial building requires more electrical work than it would be for a residential home or building. Businesses have to constantly keep the lights on, the air and heater running, keep all of the computers up and running and so much more. If the power were to go out it would be not only an inconvenience but a disaster. Call Creative Electric at 503-634-2454 because we understand the importance and necessity to keep a commercial building up and running. Our team will always know what the problem is and what exactly needs to be done. If the electrical work is not the right way, not only will it be a huge inconvenience to keep calling you electrical company back, but it could potentially start a fire. Call Creative Electric at 503-634-2454, we do things right the first time and we will make sure we know exactly what needs to be done before we start the job.

Creative Electric can do whatever you need with our electrical contractors Salem OR. Even if you are not sure exactly what you are needing and if you just have questions, call us up and we will be able to help you. We are who you need to call for any and all of your electrical needs. We have done some electrical work on access controls. For example, if you live in an apartment and you have to put your key fob up to the door, then it unlocks, we can do that. We have done countless access control jobs for commercial buildings.

For residential homes or buildings call Creative Electric for your electrical contractors Salem OR needs. We have provided hundreds of homeowners and business owners with wiring their new security systems. We understand how important it is for homeowners and business owners to be able to have footage of inside and outside of the house or building. We can help install a completely new security equipment system and we can even upgrade your current security equipment. You can also be confident the footage will be top notch and not blurry or cut out at random moments. The work we do here at Creative Electric is always the absolute best for our clients. Creative Electric will be able to answer any questions you have and help you with the installation, help you price everything, help you find the best type of camera will be the best for your home or business, we will help you have the best way to store and keep all of your footage. Creative Electric is able to customize every job and help you get the features you want with your security cameras. We will even help you place the security cameras in the absolute best place needed. If we did not install your security system, we can still help you with any problems you have with your current security system.

We understand how important electrical contractors Salem OR are. Needing electricity and using electricity always will exist. That is why here at Creative Electric we can do any and every job we are called to do. Our employees have years of experience and are here to help you. Whether you are needing your current electrical work looked at or worked on, or if you are building a new home from scratch. Call Creative Electric because we are able to help you with any of your electrical needs. We can do residential and commercial work. We also know if electrical work isn’t done correctly, it can be very dangerous. Creative Electric wants every one of our clients to be safe because that is the most important thing. We do not recommend to do any electrical work yourself if you do not have experience. It could be dangerous and it could lead to spending more money in the future. Creative Electric has been providing the best service since 1998, we have a variety of employees who have years of experience and can help you with any problems or your next project.

Creative Electrical electrical contractors Salem OR is who you need to call for your residential building needs. We can rewire your remodeled home, we have done this a countless number of times and our amazing employees are able to get the job done quickly and safely. Our employees have done residential work over and over again and have always gotten the job done right the first time. Anything you need, whether that be small or big, changing a ceiling light out with a ceiling fan, completely rewiring your home, installing data systems, anything that requires electricity, we can do it here at Creative Electric. Give us a call at 503-634-2454 and we will help you out.

Creative Electric can help you with your needs when you are looking for electrical contractors Salem OR. We are trained in residential work and commercial work. We have helped hundreds of businesses with completely rewiring a whole commercial building and installing security cameras, installing access control systems and so much more. We can do everything electric here at Creative Electric. We know how important it is to have electricity for commercial buildings. Electricity keeps the business running, we can provide any electrical work for your business and residential home or building. Give Creative Electric a call at 503-634-2454 if you want the work done right, quick and safe the first time. We can do anything and all things electric.