Being your one stop electrical contractors Salem OR, shop is really about maintaining education and experience but overall quality. We’ve done this since 1998 by being the most reviewed and highest rated contractor in the area. All of our contractors love what they’re doing and want the opportunity to prove that we are the best option around. It doesn’t matter if your project is for your home, business, apartment, school, hospital, anything at all that you can think of, We have what it takes to wow you. Just as we’ve wowed so many other customers in the past we will do the same thing for you, if not more. Our only desire is that when we leave the job you are smiling.

We want to be your first call when you’re thinking about an electrical contractors Salem OR, because we know it’ll be done right the first time. Every job a customer calls to do, is extremely rewarding and exciting to us. Overall each job gives us the opportunity to improve the quality of life for the business owner or residential owner at hand. Every application where the residential or commercial comes with a specific need of electricity, for example to wires need to be replaced? Does internal communication need to be done via intercom? Do you have a direct connection for your internet? These may be items that you yourself may not have thought about, but we sure will. And that’s why you should be sure to call the contractors with five star service.

Some jobs or projects for electrical contractors Salem OR, are harder than others. Sometimes it’s the job itself, based on the sheer magnitude and size of the job. Thankfully, we’ve grown over the years and are no longer doing single man jobs. If we have a project as big as an entire apartment complex, we sure we have enough men capable of being able to complete the job efficiently, safely and getting it done the right way. Not only do we want you to be completely satisfied, but our entire reputation depends on being able to give you five star service. Each and every time. Starting with the first time. If Creative Electric is the one that you choose to start your project, what you can know for a fact is it will be done the right way.

Efficient wiring is imperative to be done on the larger projects that are available, because it’s not just one person depending on the job, it’s an entire community of people depending on it. Using the apartment complex again as an example, the quality of life for the tenants can be interrupted if we do not do our job correctly from the foundation. If we do our job effectively, you’ll never have to question the job or how you’re receiving electricity. However, if we are like these other contracting companies, all we’re worried about is completing the job and moving on to the next. That’s not how we build a legacy here. And that’s not how we regained our business for this long.

Hopefully, by now, you’re ready to dive in to all of your electronic projects. If so, head over to our website by clicking the link here or calling one of our dedicated contractors to explain your project today at 503-634-2454.

electrical contractors Salem OR | How did we help the school?

Being an electrical contractors Salem OR, at times, you can see yourself being a hero within the community. The most rewarding project we’ve ever undertaken is by wiring a school. Overall, electricity was invented and developed to improve the quality of our lives. Each and every day while we, the adults, go to work, we send our children off to school. It’s our desire here at creative electric to ensure that we have an opportunity to improve the educational experience for our students. They spend quite an awful lot of time in the school, we should make sure that time is quality.

Taking pride in our work and in building a legacy as electrical contractors Salem OR, We were part of bringing the school in our community up to standards of new technologies that include the ability to include distance learning, online resources as well as collaboration to each and every classroom. The fact of the matter is the world as we know it is changing, and from the foundation of even our school system it needs to be implemented there too. Technology which requires the use of electricity is here to help our teachers create better lesson plans, ensure students are at the top of their educational goals, and help create safer, more secure schools. We were able to utilize data security features to implement an in-house school network so that they were more easily able to monitor who is in the school with the help of security cameras and other digital records.

While it is known that electrical contractors Salem OR, are needed to ensure an internet network is available, what you may not know is that we were able to help regulate and maintain secure internet access ensuring that students cannot access malicious content. The most important thing that we wired the school for was to ensure that employers had a more efficient method of communication and collaboration. This ensured there was an intercom in every class so that all teachers and students could speak to each other with the price of a button. Ultimately, wiring the school allows the staff access and manage data at a much faster speed.

This by far was one of our most successful and rewarding projects specifically based on the fact of how many lives were improved once the project was completed. Not only that, but it was within our own community, and that lets us know we were responsible for a job well done. Overall our entire goal is satisfaction by the customer, in this case satisfaction was not just with the customer will hurt us for this project, but it was also with each and every student who is able to now have a better learning environment, each and every teacher who is able to feel more safe and connected, in each and every parent who now knows their student is as safe as they have ever been before.

We have a large amount of pictures regarding this project specifically, if you would like to see what we were capable of doing please feel free to click this link and take a look at the gallery tab. If you are in need of help of a large project such as this please feel free to give us a call at 503-634-2454 So we can make the same type of magic happen for you too.