If you have a new home, old home, commercial building, business and you are in need of electrical contractors Salem OR, you need to call Creative Electric at 503-634-2454. We have helped hundreds of people, and with that comes doing a variety of jobs. Our employees are trained and prepared for any and everything our clients have thrown at us. We have been contracted to help business owners and home owners, and every time we have left the clients happy. Here at Creative Electric we are so proud of the work we do and we are always ready to provide our clients with the best service. We have done all kinds of work, like install data systems, lighting control systems, smart appliances, satellite systems, light light and accent light. We can also help you with generators, manual and automatic EV chargers, Pool Spa spas, landscape lighting, lighting design, cabinet lighting, LED lighting, panel change and upgrade, breaker replacement, fire alarm systems and electrical repair. We understand not everyone will be able to know exactly what they need or be able to spot the problem, but if you call Creative Electric, we can come to you, find the problem, give you a quote, and fix the problem. We can do it all and we know how to do it all at Creative Electric.

We specialize in electrical contractors Salem OR here at Creative Electric. When you call Creative Electric with an issue but you don’t know what it is, we will be able to help you find and solve that problem. We will visit the location and help you find what it is. We will give you the estimate and make sure we meet it. Our employees have a variety of skills and we can fix anything that is thrown our way. We will not begin any work until we know exactly what the problem is. By doing this, we are avoiding creating more problems. It is not only safer, but it will save you money. We are big on making sure we know exactly what the issue is and how to fix it. Not all of the jobs we go on is an emergency or an issue, but when it is, we are sure to be very careful and mindful. When Creative Electric is called, you can be confident the work that will be done will be done right. We guarantee customer satisfaction and the work we do will be done right the first time. You will not have to keep calling us back to fix the same problem because we do things right. We have many clients keep reaching out for new jobs all of the time because they love the work we do.

Creative Electric’s electrical contractors Salem OR is here to help you fix a problem or help make your vision or dream come alive. We are so proud of the work we do and our clients love our work. The work we do for our clients is something that is not only a want in our clients’ eyes but electricity is something that is an absolute necessity. Electricity is used on not only a day-to-day basis but it is evolving into something even more than that. We want to make sure we are doing our job right and that is a priority for us and our employees. If you are in need of assistance but you are not sure what to do, call Creative Electric. We can be on sight the same day and give you a free quote and advice as well. We do not recommend trying to figure the problem out yourself. We understand that at the time it might seem like you are saving money, but this could mean you are spending more money in the future. If you do not fully understand what you are doing then you could be making the problem worse instead of fixing it. That is what we are here to help you do. You can call us at 503-634-2454 and we will help you find the problem and fix it.

We have helped all kinds of people with their electrical contractors Salem OR needs. People who are business owners, home owners, construction workers, we have helped our family and our community. We are so proud of the work we have done and if you check out our website you can see a few pictures of some of the work we have done. Every one of our clients has been so happy with the work we have done. Creative Electric employees will work tirelessly to make sure the work we do will meet our clients standards. There is nothing we can not do here at Creative Electric, call us if you have a project in mind or if you just have any questions at all. We would be more than happy to create a plan for you and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Our Creative Electric electrical contractors Salem OR work together on projects to make sure our communication is the best in the business. Our design / build team and the general contractor and the engineers all work together and communicate to make sure everyone is on the same page so your needs and vision will be right the first time. We do everything once here at Creative Electric. We will make sure the first project we are called on is the only time you will need us, that is until you call us back for a new project.

Call Creative Electric when you are looking at electrical contractors Salem OR at 503-634-2454. Even if you have no idea what you want or what problems you have, then call us up and we will be over the same day or the next. We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service. We will be sure make every customer is satisfied with our work. We will also make sure each client is on the same page as the employees and the employees are on the same page as the client.