Creative electric has been in the electrical contractors Salem OR, business here for a long time. Over that time we have developed a five-star highly rated business. We’re proud of that business and the grassroots that it came from. It’s nice to be living a slice of the American dream. Long gone are the days of one-man crews completing jobs from 5:45 in the morning to 10:00 at night. However, that undying work ethic paved the way to get us to the place we are today. And we would never do anything to take that away. After a while I was able to partner with my brother to move our business forward and stop running one man crews.

Being that we are the best electrical contractors Salem OR, We enjoy providing our customers the best possible service. Originally we started solely on ambition as fuel, and now we have become the well-world machine that you see now. Rest assured that when you contact us we will be able to fulfill your vision. We’ve been serving this community since 1998 and are extremely proud of the work that we do. Over delivering on customer service as well as quality is what we do best, and that’s exactly why we have a five-star rating consistently. Anything on your mind we can do it. Any project or even unique customization, we have the ability to create and deliver anything that you want or desire to be part of your vision. The truth is once you call us, you won’t need to call anybody else for any of your electric needs ever again.

A lot of time projects requiring electrical contractors Salem OR, unknown to take a lot of time. But not with Creative Electric! We pride ourselves on not only providing five star quality service, but also doing a quick and efficient job. Continually keeping turning with projects is how we stay busy and stay in business. The more we help you guys fulfill the vision of your projects the more we stay in business and keep you thinking of more electrical projects. Letting us do what we do best, which is installing amazing electrical projects, has kept us as a strong contributor to our local community.

A company is only defined by their employees. We have the best and highly motivated employees around. They completely enjoy doing the absolute best jobs for our clients and we are confident that you are going to enjoy us being the leaders of your electrical project needs. Not only can we provide any answers to questions that you may have before you pull the trigger on any projects, but we may be able to help you plan out the best option for what you’re trying to accomplish as well. Combined, all of our contractors have a plethora of electrical experience, and have a strong desire to ensure your satisfaction.

Go ahead and get all of your project details together and head on over to our website at there you will be able to find examples of previous work installations that we have done for commercial as well as residential needs, reviews, and a plethora of service examples that we would be more than happy to complete for you. Give us a call 503-634-2454 We are looking forward to working with you on your next project.

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When you’re in the market for electrical contractors Salem OR, who better to contact than somebody from your area. It’s been proven but not only have we been able to stay a viable part of the local community, but we’ve also been able to maintain a five-star service quality with our clientele. We have customers ranging from commercial, to residential, even to hospitals and schools. No matter what project you have in mind we have the ability to be able to take care of that project for you with the highest quality available. Testimonials on our Google business profile page attest to that fact.

Being an electrical contractors Salem OR, has been a fantastic experience as we truly enjoy being part of this community. It has served us over time in blossoming our progress and becoming the highest rated contractor around. The harder we work to over deliver and satisfy our customers the more business that comes our way. We truly appreciate this and are oftentimes overwhelmed with gratitude. The best thing about our jobs is being able to give the customer exactly what it is that they are wanting as they possibly didn’t even think it was possible. Seeing the smile and the joy of contentment on our customers faces is the only reward we truly seek.

Living in the same area in which we are electrical contractors Salem OR, has been an awesome dream come true. Not only are we more connected to our community, but we honestly feel like we are part of something more. We’re part of a vital service that provides electricity and life the way that people understand life in our community. And we do this all while beating any competitor’s price around. We’re efficient which means that we are quick to turn the project around and we stay right on budget if not under. And because of this fact we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the contract work that we are able to do.

Being an electrician has always been a rewarding career, but now that I’m a business owner, I take even more pride in my work. Not only is it my professional choice, but I’m representing an entire community. My community would not be able to thrive if I were not giving five-star quality service to every customer that I cross paths with. All in all, we’re excited to serve our community every single day not only because we are working on it but because we’re doing exactly what we love to do. When you do what you love to do it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like serving. And that’s exactly how we like to lead.

If you are in the Salem Oregon area, are looking to spawn the local economy, look no further for any of your electronic project needs by clicking on our link here where you will be able to find further information on why we have achieved the highest rating and most rated electrical contractor in the area. You’ll be able to see before and after pictures as well as examples of our work, testimonials from previously satisfied customers, and our backstory on who we are and where we came from. When you’re satisfied with that, feel free to give us a call at 503-634-2454 So we can beat the competitor’s prize and when you are over as a customer for life.