we work with a variety of types of homes apartments condos schools offices Etc We have done all kinds of work installed data systems lighting Control Systems smart appliances satellite systems light and accent lighting we also help you with generators automatic EV Chargers Pools Spas landscape lighting design LED panels and upgrade your breaker replacements. We offer a variety of services all specialize in electronic devices.

it’s time you choose electrical contractors Salem OR it’s time that you work with us and allow us the opportunity to help you get the best service possible we can do so many different types of installs as well as working on different features whether or not you have a security system that someone else has installed we can help with that system or if you would like us to just install a brand new system for you it is important that you keep your greatest asset like your house or your business protect it from theft and we would love to help you out with that.

It’s mind blowing at electrical contractors Salem OR We have many different customer service surveys on our website of how great customer service that we have is very timely and punctual. We also have technicians that are highly certified and trained on what we do. We work very closely with major companies that pull High Revenue we are very reliable and we make sure that you get everything that you ever could need for your business to draw high volume. We are ready to work with you, feel free to reach out to us and we will make this happen.

It’s time to let us at electrical contractors Salem OR service you and give you all of the electronic needs that you may have whether you have lighting that needs to be updated or wiring you need to rewire for the lighting we are able to help you out with that. or maybe something like your breaker is giving out and tripping every time you turn something on we are able to work with you to get the breaker replaced or repaired. We are passionate about fixing the issues that you face as a business owner or a homeowner.

please visit our website to ensure the types of service that we do as well as the testimonial page on our website to see what we do as far as for our customers and the service that we offer we would love to work with you and work with your schedule to help you get exactly what you need please visit this website here and let’s get you set up today.Creativeelectricor.com if you would like to chat with our team about setting up an appointment for a tech to come out to your house or your business and look at your situation go ahead and give us a call at. 503-634-2454

electrical contractors Salem OR | What you need we got

if you are a new homeowner old homeowner commercial building business and you’re in need of electrical contractors we’ve got you covered we cover a variety of services whether that be Data Systems lighting Control Systems smart appliances satellite systems accent lighting or you need help with generators EV charger Pool Spas landscape lighting lighting design or cabinet lighting we have got you covered and can help you install or troubleshoot any of these. Let’s get the ball rolling and help you out today and we will get you set up on something brand new or if we need to repair something we can do that as well. We are excited to help you out.

we are ready and available at electrical contractors Salem OR your schedule is most important to us as a company we will work around you and your schedule we have technicians that are ready and available to come out to your property or your business and help you go ahead and get started on moving you into a better situation with your technology. Whether it be something as simple as your lighting going in and out, we can help you out with that.

it’s not long until electrical contractors Salem OR we are one of the highest rated companies when it comes to electrical work on many different devices our website has a lot of information about how we specialize in many different types of lighting or devices that have different types of electrical current we are passionate about our customers and passionate about electronics and helping others use Electronics to better the world.

Let’s move forward at electrical contractors Salem OR we give you so many options when it comes to what devices you would like to use versus what devices you will need. We like to leave it up to our customers to have many different conversations about what your needs are versus what you would like. We are open to having as many conversations with you as the homeowner or the business owner about what would work best for you, what would work best for your budget or even your customer clientele or the amount of people you will have in your home. Our technicians are just around the corner ready to work with you and help you get exactly what you need. We are excited to work with you.

if you would like to learn more information about what we do as a company and the values that we have or the clientele that we have worked with feel free to give us a message on our website here Creativeelectricor.com You can also reach out to us about scheduling if you would like a technician to come out and take a look at your home or your business whether it be your lighting or it be your paneling your generator or your pool and spa feel free to give us a call here and we will set up an appointment with you to get you set up with our service. 503-634-2454