As the top electrical contractors Salem OR, We can assure you no one can beat our prices, because it’s our business model to be any competitor’s price and provide a free quote. At Creative Electric we are the most reviewed and highest rated electrical contractor in the state. Take a look at our reviews on our website and Google profile page to see what gives us five star quality. We work hard so you don’t have to. We take care of all the requirements needed to ensure a safe electrical system regardless of if it’s to your home or business. We take pride in every project no matter if we’re helping create and set up a sound system or home technology or connecting an entire new home construction or new home edition.

Since we have tenure as electrical contractors Salem OR, Since 1998 when we founded our company, we know what it takes to give you five star service every time. initially the company started due to financial need however ambition of starting a company has kept it going over the years. over time I’ve had to hire, and we ensure our Builders are the same top level tier we are. Our reputation is Top Notch quality and we aim to keep it as such. Everyday we use electricity just like you, from utilizing the internet that you’re cooking food, cooling and heating your home and giving you protection with Home Security, we have what it takes for whatever project you’re doing.

As the best and highly rated electrical contractors Salem OR, we pride ourselves in creating a satisfaction guarantee environment for all our customers. We strive to over deliver on every project we undertake, and do everything we can to ensure we stay under budget for our customers. This is all to ensure that we remain being the best electrical contractor available for you. We get creative with our Solutions and help our customers obtain the optimal electrical environment they are attempting to create. We truly are the best in the business and we hope to have the opportunity to show you why.

One thing you cannot afford to do is to take lightly the effect of electricity in your home, business, or low voltage project. Electricity is one area We suggest DIYers stay completely away from. The truth is it’s just plain dangerous. While soldering wires on a home stereo is something completely different from setting up a fuse box and a drop from the electrical pole. Electricity is one area you just don’t want to play with. It can actually kill you. This is why you should use the last professionals. We say that with the crane of salt though, as many people claim to be professional but do not have the experience or certification. We suggest you do your research and due diligence to find the best in the business for you.

We’re confident when you’re doing your research that you will take a look at our website here and you will be able to see why we are considered a five-star service. The experience of being connected to the best reviewed contractor in town can start for you today. Just pick up the phone and dial 503-634-2454.

electrical contractors Salem OR | Why choose us?

If you’re in the search for electrical contractors Salem OR, look no further because we’re the best in the business. We have been serving the state of Oregon and maintaining five star quality since 1998 when we first opened our doors. We confidently say we are the highest quality available and can undertake any of your electrical project needs. We provide astounding service regardless of if it’s a commercial or residential property. Rest assured when you contact us you will speak with a real person regarding your project and vision of what exactly that you’re wanting. That’s important to us, because we do not want you to feel like you’re just a number, every customer and every project is special and important to us.

Plenty of people call themselves electrical contractors Salem OR, but hardly anybody is highly rated or reviewed. When you’re looking for a contractor for any electrical needs we suggest that you get help from somebody with experience and all kinds of electrical services. The reason we suggest this is because in a project you never know what you’ll run into. Especially if it’s an old building with previous wiring installed. Whatever your project entails, rest assured our contractors can handle it. From theater systems to surround sound light control systems, smart appliances lights as well as accent lights, landscape lighting EV chargers, breaker replacement fire alarms the list goes on and on. We offer this type of service with all of these project possibilities and we do it by offering a free quote and promising to be any competitor’s price! What a deal!

Anytime you’re dealing with electrical contractors Salem OR, or electricity projects in general, safety is of utmost importance. For you the customer as well as for us the workers. Working safe and staying safe is our number one goal. We want to go back to our families at night and we want to help you feel safe once your project is completed. Our jobs do not end once we’re done for the day, it only ends when the project is done and we have a satisfied customer. This is why we want to be the contractors you choose for your project, so we can be sure to not only be safe but have high quality standards in the project you had in mind.

Not only do we undertake projects, but we also send contractors out for repair work and diagnostic work. Ultimately, the only goal is to ensure that you’re satisfied with whatever project you started. It doesn’t necessarily have to start with us but we’ll make sure that it ends with us. Five star quality is of utmost importance as our reputation depends on it. We’ve worked very hard for more than 20 years to make sure All of our customers are more than satisfied. That won’t stop with the next project we undertake; it’ll never stop while our doors are open.

If you’re in the market for a top quality electric contractor be sure to stop by our website by clicking this link here please be sure to look at all the services that we have here as well as take a look at our reviews, if you need more head on over to our Google business page so that we can see further testimonials of our five-star quality service. If you’ve already started the process of calling around and would like the opportunity to save yourself some money feel free to give us a call at 503-634-2454 so that we can beat the competitor’s price.