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Many homes in businesses do not automatically come with electric vehicle chargers, that’s exactly where electrical contractors Salem OR, come in handy. Not only do we have the know-how in education to be able to complete this type of project, but we can do it quickly, accurately, confidently and probably under budget. Don’t forget we do offer a price matching guarantee for any other competitor’s price. Many homes, apartment buildings, office buildings and even grocery store parking lots are getting in on the electric vehicle craze by offering charge stations in their facility. It’s our understanding that they are also receiving some sort of financial kickback for doing so. However what we do know, is that the orders for these electronic charging stations are not going away anytime soon.

If you’re planning an electric vehicle charger station, it makes sense for you to research electrical contractors Salem OR, and in doing so you will see us, many times. Please take note of how many people have reviewed our service as well as how they have reviewed our service. We take pride in being the most five-star rated electric contractor around. We have the know-how, the expertise, the time and the confidence to be able to undertake any electric project you may have and give you the same five-star experience. One thing that we’ve realized is that not everybody understands exactly how to explain what’s going on with their electrical issues. Not to worry! That’s where being a professional comes into play, we have no problem with coming to you, figuring out the issue, giving you a quote, and executing the solution to the problem. We can do it all, because we’re Creative Electric.

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electrical contractors Salem OR | Confident solutions

It’s not enough to only look for electrical contractors Salem OR, You should make sure you’re dealing with the best in the business. The one with the highest rating and most reviewed services. Oh, wait? That’s us! Creative Electric has taken the time to build a foundation strong within its local community. They have taken these steps to ensure their work is second to none. They take pride in their work not only that they have an undying ambition to create a satisfaction guarantee for their customers. At the end of the day if you’re looking for the best electrical solutions you’ve sincerely found them here at creative. The best thing about this is you don’t have to take our word for it, we have numerous testimonials on our website as well as our Google business profile page and our YouTube channel coming from previous satisfied customers.

Ensuring that our electrical contractors Salem OR, are not only up to par, but well-educated and armed with a variety of skills in order to fix any issue that’s thrown their way. This equates to confidence solutions whenever one of our contractors is on your site. Anytime that we’re on duty your satisfaction is our soul purpose for being there. We know that assisting with your project now will in fact not only help you in the long run but it’ll help us in the long run too. The reason why is because if you’re satisfied with us for your first project, it’s more likely that you contact us for your next in any proceeding projects. Because of this we over deliver to all of our customers and treat every customer as if we’re servicing our Grandma. You have to take care of Grandma.

Our electrical contractors Salem OR, are very proud of the work that they do. They don’t feel like workers, they feel like partners comment that’s why they take pride in everything that they do. And that’s why we’re proud of the company that we’ve built over time. Our clients love our work and it’s evident by the amount of testimonials that they’re leaving with five stars. Just take a look for yourself. Our work is taking our customers’ vision and bringing it to life, and that never gets old. Electricity is used on an everyday basis, for nearly everything in our lives, let’s promise not to take any shortcuts and will promise a five star guarantee.

Creative electric has a one and done guarantee. We ensure the our contractors are well prepared to do the job right the first time, and we ensure our customers are 100% satisfied before our contractors leave. These contractors take pride in their work and we enjoy working with them. Just as much as you will enjoy working with them too. Being part of the best electric contract or organization in the state has its ups and downs, but more than anything we’re looking to prove ourselves to you and your project day in and day out.

If you were wanting to have electric service given to you by the best of the business in our area, take a look at our website right here or feel free to call us at 503-634-2454 wow so that we can begin working on your project today.