we are excited to work with you and your home or you and your business we have helped hundreds of people with a variety of different types of jobs we move very closely with our customers to help them with a various amount of services services such as troubleshooting replacing or installing products such as Data Systems lighting control system smart appliances accent lighting we also help out with generators manual automatic EV Chargers Pool Spas landscape lighting cabinet lighting panel charge as well as breaker replacement we know that it is all very important to make sure that these devices are working for the safety of your home, or the safety of your business.

Let’s talk at electrical contractors Salem OR We give you all that you need to ensure that your home or your business is set up for success as you know it is very scary knowing that there are devices that may not work such as your lighting being on and working. without these working and makes business really hard to run that’s why we help out with business owners to make sure that they do not feel the pressure to keep everything exactly where it needs to be. We also offer video services to make sure that you are able to keep an eye on either your employees, or your product. If you have a video camera service we are also able to service that or we can install you a brand new one.

let’s keep it rolling at electrical contractors Salem OR we have technicians that are able to Help diagnose where your home is at as far as the safety rating of your home if there are wiring in your home that is unsafe or even you have overhead lighting in your attic that is also unsafe due to faulty wiring we are able to diagnose will pop out head up there and make sure that there is no issues going on with your attic. It just takes one spark for your house to catch on fire so we make sure that you are set so you do not have to worry about any of that.

keeping you safe at electrical contractors Salem OR let’s talk about what you need to move forward in your business endeavors. We believe that there is only so much that you can do on your own that’s why hiring us is so important so you feel like you can do what you need to do for your business and not have to worry about safety ratings or video camera monitoring for your product or your customers. We believe that we can truly help you move forward in all that you do.

if you are interested in learning more about what we do as a company or the values that we have to help you move forward in our business visit our website hereCreativeelectricor.com or us at this number to talk with one of our technicians to get you set up on an appointment feel free to reach out to this number at 503-634-2454

electrical contractors Salem OR | Our story

We Believe that efficiency is most important we’ve been serving in the state of Oregon since 1998 we help all of our customers and provide their needs we provide the highest quality of electrical contractors for any of our projects we have amazing employees that are all certified and commercial and residential we can help out with Hospital educational buildings or even just something as simple as a home we reach out to you specifically and set up a time where we can come out and give you an inspection of your home or your business.

We are professionals at electrical contractors Salem OR if You have a vision we will make it happen. whether it’s home lighting recessed lighting track lighting monitoring sensors or fan installation we can help you out with either of these as well as anything related to lighting or video monitoring systems whether or not you have a video monitoring system that is pre-installed or needing to be installed we would love to help you out with that.

let’s move forward with electrical contractors Salem OR we have a group of technicians who are highly trained and highly skilled at what they do they have been able to move into a whole new way of doing business they are able to come out and inspect your home or your business not just from one angle but from all angles this ensures that your business is going to be into full success. We work closely with the homeowner or the business owner to help inform them of what needs to be done. We talk about a game plan and how to build success and build a plan around what they need.

Let’s move into new Waters at electrical contractors Salem OR we do diagnosing and repairing all devices when it comes to electricity. We also care deeply about our customers and make sure that their house or business is set up for their safety ratings that need to be updated. We walk alongside each person and make sure that they feel comfortable where they are. We believe that Integrity is the most important part of what we do so we make sure that we are punctual and on time as well as when we are alone we make sure that we stay working when we are on the clock. We believe that this is the most important part of our business.

if you are interested in learning more about what we do or what we offer as a company or our vision and values please visit this website here to learn more about what we doCreativeelectricor.com you can also reach us at this number to set up an appointment with us to schedule or get set up on what is available for our appointments for this week or within the month we work around your schedule and we cannot wait to work with you. 503-634-2454