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Our job Is to better the environment and the community that you guys are living in While living comfortably with you and your family. Knowing that our company runs on hard work And passion you will not be dissatisfied knowing that you guys have the best of the best remodeling your home. We use the best of the best quality of work and tools and with every vision that you have we can achieve every single bit of it. We love what we do and we hope that you will love the results that you asked for and divisions that you have envisioned.

If you ever think about remodeling your house or wanting to update your house you could always contact us at (503) 634-2454. Feel free to check out our website and see some of the work that we have done at Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us because we are more than happy to work with you guys and leave you a satisfied customer.

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With Electrical Contractors Salem OR You can save big money And live comfortably in your home with your family without having to worry about your stuff breaking down or having to repair anything in your house. Everything that we do at this company comes from Love and hard work. If you’re looking to renovate or build a new house or a building or business just let us know and we will be there. All of our workers here are passionate about everything they do and everything they Build or renovate. Each and everywhere in your house and each and every electrical equipment in your house we will take care of no problem.

We are the best Electrical Contractors Salem OR for Heating and Air conditioning not just that renovation within each and every inch of space you guys have. Security systems are also a service of ours if you are wanting to feel secure within your business or home space. Our new systems and units that we have will Make you feel like you are in the future because everything we have is brand new and updated equipment. Starting from the bottom of the granite floor all the way to the roof of the house. We also offer coupons and good deals for our first time customers working within a budget but making anything happen.

Electrical Contractors Salem OR has the reliability and skills that nobody has because there are passionate and hard working people involved within our working community. Before any work needs to be done we will find out what needs to be done and we will get straight to it while leaving work with satisfactory and guaranteed work well done. We are not lacking when doing this field of work so that when we are finished we give it our one hundred and ten percent at everything we do. Why are you trying to repair your electrical issues when you have us. Everybody in this work of Creative Electric is skilled and certified in each and every aspect and field of what they do. You can find something great.

Why hesitate to work with us when we can have you guys today and also give you a free quote for your newest ideas. Imagination is our biggest advantage. Nothing can stop us from making your dream come to a reality. We would love to collaborate and have you guys as a customer not just that but also a long term family. We want you to be happy and highly satisfied at the end of the day hoping that we can help you again. No matter where you are or who you are at whichever location we can make anything happen. We are the best electricals in all of Oregon not just that we have been in this industry since 1998 but also growing more and more every day.

Come speak to us today about your new ideas and dreams and turn it into a reality at (503) 634-2454. Within any further details you can also reach us at our website at or to check more details about our work.