We offer electrical contractors and we do anything from commercial buildings to residential homes or buildings. All of our employees are licensed and have been training for years. We have a great team who communicates with one another every step of the way as well as great communication skills to the customer. We work closely with businesses and help consistently keep lights on the air running the heat running all the computers running any kind of issue that may arise with electronics. We are able to come out and diagnose what might be going on with them. We are passionate about helping our customers move forward with giving them the best service possible.

let’s work together electrical contractors Salem OR we also install a new security equipment system so that you can keep an eye on your business this is so helpful for you if you are running a business that has expensive gear or equipment on hand we are able to have you have control of the security system so you can keep a close eye on it if we did not install your security system we can also help you troubleshoot it so we also offer a troubleshooting for any issue that you may have getting your computer system to work so that it monitors correctly we are basically your personal helper for Tech.

we work quick at electrical contractors Salem OR we have many reviews saying that we work very efficiently over and over again we get the job done the first time and anything that you need whether it be small or big challenging is not too hard for us to do we also change ceiling lights ceiling fans rewiring your home installing Data Systems anything that applies with electricity we can do and give you the very best service possible.

Not just residential at electrical contractors Salem OR we Supply great service for residential homes but not just that we also do businesses or commercial buildings. This is a huge asset to you as the customer. You don’t have to be the one to troubleshoot any issue that arises with electronics. We are passionate about helping our customers move forward with any issues. as well as we are punctual and on time and we always get the job done the first time so that we don’t have to come out later and fix it. If you have any questions or would just like more information you can always reach out to us.

if you like more information you can go on to our website to learn more about our values and what we do as far as a company we basically do everything so feel free to hop onto our website and you can learn more about all of what we do.Creativeelectricor.com if you would also like to schedule an appointment or a phone call with a technician feel free to reach out to us at this number and we will get you rolling. 503-634-2454

electrical contractors Salem OR | we’re a One-Stop shop

we truly are a One-Stop shop if you have any issues with anything electronic anything that holds electrical current we are able to troubleshoot and deal with we deal closely with homeowners as well as businesses we are passionate about helping you keep an eye on all of your electronic needs if you ever run into a problem you are always welcome to reach out to us we will come out troubleshoot and diagnose and give you an estimate on what it would cost for us to come out and fix the issue as its entirety.

we do more at electrical contractors Salem OR we do more than just smaller Electronics we also install major security systems security systems allow you the ability to keep an eye on either your employees or even your customers whether you’re in retail or you’re in the stocking business anything that has value we can help you keep an eye on to make sure that you are not having any issue with anyone stealing your product or employees that you’re having issues with.

we are creative at the core electrical contractors Salem OR we have provided hundreds of homeowners and businesses with new security systems we understand how important homeowners and businesses need actual footage inside or outside of their house of their building we can install a completely new security system or even if you have had one already installed we can also service it and maintenance it we are passionate about helping you move forward we can also keep your lights on and your Air Heating up and running as well as computers

We are punctual at electrical contractors Salem OR we as a company value your time more than anything we work hard to be punctual as well as polite and have great customer service all of our technicians are highly certified and highly trained they know more about a majority of electronics than most people that’s why we are so creative when it comes to electronics. If you have a problem with specific Electronics we can come out and diagnose exactly what the issue is and work with you closely. If you have any questions you are also always able to reach out to us and we will give you an estimate on what it would be to fix your issue.

if you’d like to learn more information about what we do as a company and the services that we offer feel free to go to this website you can see on our website the reviews that we have the customers that we work with we have great reviews and loyal customers.Creativeelectricor.com feel free to give us a ring to set up an appointment with one of our technicians to go over the needs that you may have whether it be security systems whether it be lighting whether it be alarm systems computers or any other type of issue we look forward to working with you feel free to reach us at. 503-634-2454