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electrical contractors Salem OR | Pillar of light

There are no other electrical contractors Salem OR, like us in our community. We have done so many jobs within our community that have given electricity to our community and improved countless lives time after time. For 25 years we have been a pillar of light within our community. We truly are heroes, and we have accepted that fact. Our superpower? Supercharging the community with electricity and being a five-star pillar of light providing quality service and products. This is not done by one individual, but by an entire team of people working towards a common goal of being the best in the community at providing electric work.

The best electrical contractors Salem OR, are part of the same community that they live in. When you’re serving the same community that you live in, it goes without saying that you have an added incentive to provide top-notch quality. Chances are if we’re servicing our community, we’re servicing family. And that’s exactly how we treat every customer, as if their family. We wouldn’t want to do a job for our grandmother, that didn’t meet quality standards. Because of this, creative electric has higher standards than other contractors in the area. If a customer is asking to give a testimonial, well that’s even better.

Understanding that electrical contractors Salem OR, provide a real service that most people take for granted can sometimes be a thankless job. But when you apply high quality standards, a personalized approach, and precision installation, what you get is the best contractor in the business. Not only are we the most rated, but we’re also the highest reviewed in the state! This is all thanks to our customers. When a customer is grateful for the service that you’ve done, and you’ve made them feel special, they will be sure to tell their friends, family and bridge card playing members all about the excellent work that we’ve done. This type of word of mouth has gotten us unforgettable jobs that became the most rewarding, such as a local school.

The truth is we love where we live. And we love the people in our community. If there’s anything at all that we can do to improve the quality of their life, we’re going to do it. And we’re going to like doing it too, because this is our community. Anytime we are asked to install electricity on a project, we are riddled with excitement. That excitement may come through in the conversation over the phone, but it will definitely come through when we come and see you face to face to talk about your project. We treat every job the same, as an opportunity to prove that we’re the best in the business. That has served us well, and we pride ourselves on our work. When you enjoy the work you do, it no longer becomes work, it becomes fun.

What we know is that there’s nothing more that we can say to convince you to do business with us. But if you have any doubts, please be sure to click this link and take a look at what others are saying about our previous projects. We know that you will be fully satisfied with what you hear, and will be dying to give us a call at 503-634-2454 to tell us about your next exciting project.