if you have a new home old home or Commercial Business we would love to help you out with all of your electronics your security system lighting control system smart appliances satellite systems accent lighting Pool Spa landscape lighting any kind of lighting design cabinet lighting LED lighting and panel change we specialize as a company and all of the electronic devices that need our attention.

We know what you need at electrical contractors Salem OR we know what will cause an issue for you as a homeowner is the potential ability that your devices or lights are not properly working. We come out and reassure you as a homeowner that we are able to take care of any electronic issues that you may be having as far as power. We are creative in the way that we deal with situations and we have worked with many different companies as well as residential properties. We are here for you here to service your devices and help make life easier for you.

let’s move forward with electrical contractors Salem OR we have a variety of skills and can fix anything that is thrown our way we will not begin to work on anything until we know exactly what the issue is so we are not in the dark we have a technician who is highly trained and highly skilled to come out and diagnose exactly what you are dealing with this will save you so much money in the long run not having to buy all new appliances lighting or anything electronic related. We are here for you to help you with all of these problems.

Our customers here at electrical contractors Salem OR are the most essential part of our business. We care so deeply about you as a homeowner or you as the business owner. We ask a series of questions to help us understand specifics of what you are dealing with and what your situation is. We base all of our products off of the needs that you have. We don’t just offer you a solution that costs you more money but a solution that is best for you. We work closely with many different companies. You can also see on our website that we are very highly rated and many companies would like to work with us. based off of this

if you would like to know more information about our company and what we do feel free to reach out to this website and you will learn all of the information that you need to start working with us please visit link hereCreativeelectricor.com if you would like to set up an appointment with a technician who is highly trained and highly skilled at what he does and can diagnose any issue that you may be dealing with feel free to reach out to this number and we will get you set up on appointment and get you rolling today. 503-634-2454

electrical contractors Salem OR | we grow as you grow

We as a company grow as you grow. We are excited to help you as a company get everything that you could ever need at your disposal when it comes to electronics. It is really hard to understand why something may or may not be working whether it be a power related issue or something even deeper than that. We are able to come out and work on many different devices and systems lighting Control Systems smart appliances Satellite Systems light an accent lighting we help with generators as well as EV Chargers Pool Spas landscape lighting lighting design cabinet lighting and led lighting.

Let’s work together at electrical contractors Salem OR We work hard to get you the very best service possible. We are creative in the way that we diagnose any kind of issue. We do not just look at an issue and say how to address it without looking at all of the possibilities ahead of time. We are very thorough and our inspections and our technicians that we work with are very highly trained and highly skilled. We work with you to ask specific questions to help the US understand what you’re dealing with. We truly care about our customers and want to make sure that they have the best experience that we can possibly give them.

we walk with you at electrical contractors Salem OR whether you have a home or whether you have a business we will ensure that you will get the very best service that you need our team will always know what the problem is and what exactly needs to be done if the electoral work is not the right way not only will we help troubleshoot with the deal is but we will also spend the time necessary to fix it and make sure that it works for you moving forward.

We love variety yet electrical contractors Salem OR we work with many different types of homes Custom Homes apartments schools shops offices and any other type of commercial or Residential Building we are passionate about helping you get exactly what you need and make the process quick and easy we know that schools are one of the most insecure places so we work closely and hardly to make sure that the school systems are up to date and working at all times of the day.

if you are interested in learning more about what we do as a company feel free to visit our website at and make sure that you know we are fully invested in your business as well as ours we want to make sure that you get everything that you will ever need from our service we look forward to working with you in the futureCreativeelectricor.com also if you would like to reach out to the office to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians he can go over what the cost would be an answer any potential questions that you may have we look forward to your business.503-634-2454